I'm very sorry that I just wrote this now.. I know it`s been a long time since I left Hornbill but just too remind you that I still have Hornbill school in my heart. I learnt so much here. I had so much challenges and fun work here. The teachers were so nice and kind. I would recommend joining this school instead of others (trust me in this one). I loved when we played football together! I learnt so much. Right now I have settled with Swindon Town Academy even though my dad recommended me to go to with Reading Academy. Thank you for helping me with everything and giving me nearly your lifetime just too teach me. Loved it from day 1, Year 3 with Mr.Smith! I have gone better and better cause of you guys. I still remember this too "Once a Hornbiller, always a Hornbiller!". THANK YOU!!

Naman Gurung

Tidworth, Wiltshire, UK
January 30, 2018

I really miss this school, now that I'm in UK i can't really see most of my friends now but i have new friends. When my sister goes back to Brunei and comes to this school I'll visit in holidays. Thank You Hornbill School for all the great times!

Prashant Gurung

St Lawrence College Ramsgate
November 28, 2017

Hi, to all of the new Hornbillers and the new teachers, I'm Alena and I used be a student at Hornbill and I stayed here for 4 years with life long friends. But sadly I had to leave at the end of year 6 but overall Hornbill was the best school I've been to. They have plenty of opportunities that you should take advantage of. It was a pleasure to be in that school. Thank You!

Alena Gurung

Duke of York Royal Military School,Doer
September 28, 2017