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Hornbill Eco Team is comprised of Hornbill Eco Warriors and Hornbill Eco Police. Both Hornbill  Eco Warriors and Hornbill Eco Police dedicate themselves promoting sustainability across the school and help to bring the significance of climate change to life and show children that they each have an important part to play in helping to protect our environment.  

What are Eco Warrirors and What do they do?

The Eco Warriors are a vital part of our eco and 
sustainable activities. They also have a very important role of organizing and leading various eco activities. Some of their endeavors include:

  • Sowing and planting seeds and seedlings and maintaining the Eco Garden by watering, weeding, pruning, training plants, etc;
  • Labeling vegetables and plants in the Eco Garden and around the school to enhance the learning environment;
  • Selling our produce from our Eco Garden and orchard to raise money for charity;
  • Writing reports for the Eco Newsletter every half term;
  • Updating the school about various eco activities during assemblies.

The Eco Warriors have been chosen from across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 only. Children from across the phase, who find speaking and listening a little challenging, have been 
chosen to be a part of the Eco Warriors to provide them
 with an appropriate environment and activities where they find learning stimulating.

Who are the Eco Police and what do they do?

Eco Police, which is an important part of the Eco Warriors, plays another crucial role in leading the school to a greener, eco friendly and a more sustainable future. The Eco Warriors take turns in their role as the Eco Police during school  breaks. Some of their main responsibilities include:

  • Going around school during breaks to ensure that lights are switched off if not being used;
  • Making sure that doors are closed at all times in all the rooms;
  • Encouraging children to be environmentally friendly by not littering around school;
  • Encouraging children and adults to take part in eco campaigns run in school;
  • Helping eco campaigns in school to promote eco awareness including recycling.

Sustainability is an important aspect of our curriculum and we provide all children with the opportunity to learn about, and take an active part in promoting sustainability within the school and beyond. The income generated by selling produce grown in our Eco Garden and Orchard is given to local charities which are chosen by the children. 

Children’s understanding of sustainable development is also encouraged through their introduction to the organic gardening project, where they plant and grow vegetables. Such activities engage and motivate pupils, raise self-esteem and develop a sense of worth and responsibility.


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