The School Council

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The School Council is the representative group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with the Senior Leadership Team and governors of the school. The election for this year's School Council has already taken place and it is now comprised of students from Years 2, 3, 4 , 5 and 6.  

This year, the School Council has already organised a number of fundraising events on different occasions. Their first fund raising event for this academic year was  held  in October 2015 on Red, White and Blue Day on which they raised over $100. More recently, the School Council, with the help of Hornbill Helping Hands, organised two separate fund raising events, the 'Walk the Plank' event, held in the first week of February and the children's Valentine's Day School Disco which was held on Friday 23rd February.

They have also started to develop their own School Council Charter which encompasses the values from the class charters. 

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