The School Council

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The Hornbill School Council is an elected group of children who represent the views of their peers within the school community. Each class from Years 2 to 6 elects one member to become their school councillor for the year. They have weekly meetings at the round table during which various decisions are made and activities are carried out in relation to various aspects of the school.

Over past years the Hornbill School Council have been involved in a wide range of activities to assist their peers, to reach out to the community and to support charities worldwide. The School Councillors continuously lead by example and demonstrate care and consideration for others; they are always up for a challenge. ‘We strive to bring happiness and laughter to everyone in the Hornbill community by organising fun and exciting events for all’ (School Council charter).

In recent years, the Hornbill School Council has focused attention on those less fortunate than themselves or those who have had life-events occur that have put them in need of support. The School Councillors have raised money for various charities by organising exciting and fun events for their peers, teachers and the wider community such as The Neal Turkington Nepal Project for which the children raised money by hosting a movie night at school. Other charity events have included: a ‘Walk the Plank’ event – teachers were nominated to walk the plank at the school’s annual swimming gala; a mini-Christmas Fayre at break times; hosting and preparing the Santa’s Grotto to raise funds at the school’s Jolly Holly Christmas Fayre and hosting the Red White and Blue Day (which supports varied military charities) for which they prepared activities including face painting, SPLAT, non-uniform and craft stalls.

The School Council has communicated these events and their underpinning values through presenting whole school assemblies.What really shines through, and is definitely worth celebrating, is their dedication to help others. The School Council have proven themselves to be selfless, conscientious members of our school who always fly high.

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