What should I do before my child starts at Hornbill School?

In the first instance, you will need to contact the school via email : , telephone : (00 673) 3224101 ext 3214/3893 or fax (00 673) 3221060. The Inclusion Leader will talk to you about your child’s needs and how best they can be met. We strongly recommend that you also contact  Children’s Educational Advisory Service (CEAS) via telephone: 01452 712 612 extn 5693 or fax: 01452 718 471 (Military GPTN 95471 5471). Please, visit their website for further information on the services they provide at


They can also be contacted at the following email address.


Secondly, gather together all the information you have about your child e.g. Individual Education Plans (IEPs), school reports, Speech and Language reports, medical information (if relevant).

We know that children’s needs vary from one child to another. Hornbill School can cater for SEND to some extent and parents will always be fully involved. However, there is a very limited access to specialist support to meet severe cases of SEND in this Rest of the World (ROW) isolated setting.

We believe that it is much better, where possible, to help any child with difficulties within the context of the classroom. If it is felt that if outside advice is necessary then, with the parents’ knowledge and agreement, the SCE’s Pupil and Family Service (P&FS) will be contacted. The P&FS team visits Hornbill twice a year to work with the children, parents and school.

SEND Enquiry

Pupils with disabilities will be admitted, if it is deemed by Brunei Garrison SEND Panel (led by DCOS and consisting of members from Health, Education, Welfare and Social Services) as appropriate. Outcomes of any SEND enquiry will be based on whether the resources and facilities are available in an isolated ROW location and whether they will appropriately meet the individual needs of the child. The school can usually meet most educational needs here in Brunei, however it is important for parents to know early in their application that it is Brunei Garrison’s ultimate decision as to who is posted to Brunei. 

Currently all parts of the school can be readily accessed by those with mobility issues (e.g. wheelchairs) and additional adult support is available should that be necessary.

BFB Standing Orders require all parents of children with any form of SEND to contact CEAS before they arrive at Brunei Garrison. Failure to contact CEAS before arriving in Brunei may result in your child not being admitted into school.