The curriculum is carefully constructed to emphasise English, mathematics, science, and computing with plenty of opportunities to develop skills in The Arts, humanities and sport as well as teamwork, personal development and leadership.We follow the National Curriculum for England, but take advantage of our wonderful location and our unique mix of cultures. We continuously seek ways to enrich and create opportunities for learning, promote host nation activities and draw on the wealth of expertise within our local community here in Brunei.

Nurturing a love for learning.

The curriculum is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and an appetite for learning while developing in children those values and skills needed to become independent life long learners.

In addition to core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing our students study Physical Education, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Design and Technology, History, Geography and Religious Education.

Children in Learning Phase 2 and 3 study an additional language usually Spanish, German, French, Malay or Mandarin besides Nepali reading and writing lessons for all Nepali children. All children have an opportunity to follow an enrichment programme of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development firmly embedded across everything we do. The extended day allows children to undertake further study, to deepen their understanding and to consolidate skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

Children enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities such as the Extended Learning Programme, University for Children, Junior Sports League and special events organised regularly throughout the year.

Nurturing children’s enthusiasm and interests in Learning Phase 2 (Year 1, 2, 3).

In Year 1 children begin a journey toward strong academic achievement and excellence by increasing their fluency in their speaking, reading and writing abilities and by learning good study habits. The positive self-image developed in the Foundation Stage is   fostered, as is every child’s eagerness to learn. Through integrated themed units, children become enthusiastic learners in all aspects of the curriculum.

Year 2 pupils continue their development of self confidence and good work habits. The children learn to work more independently than they did in previous years.

Our curriculum encourages children to explore their world, challenges them to think critically, promotes creativity and strives for continuous growth.

Children start Year 3 ready to take off with new found independence. Guided by a team of talented teachers, who support and build on each child’s individual strengths, children discover the powerful excitement of being in the pilot’s seat. They learn by “doing” as they complete projects, collaborate in research, share writing accomplishments and explore multi-media technology.

Children are also challenged with high expectations, and provided with structured steps to help attain them. The purpose of all teaching across Learning Phase 2 is to elicit the pride of achievement that promotes our “I CAN” ethos. 



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