A Personal Welcome


Your child is unique, and at Hornbill School we work hard to discern the needs and abilities of each individual. I believe that the most important thing we can give to your son or daughter is the sense of belonging within our strong school community.

In this rapidly changing world, we must prepare children not only for their next schools, but also for the world they will be part of when they grow up. To this end we believe that we need to instill sound values and the ability to make clear judgements. This preparation is a huge responsibility for all of us. We are preparing children for a future we can only imagine.

What I think is so special about this school is that every child believes they make a difference and they do. I shall be delighted to introduce you to the staff and, especially, to the children who will give you a genuinely warm welcome and the most convincing recommendation of all their own.

Kathy Wood MBE, M.Ed. (Hons)


National Leader in Education

Meet the Head

kathy300x450Mrs Wood has led Hornbill School since 2004 when the challenge was to amalgamate the then two MOD schools, Seria Service Children's School and the Gurkha Children's English School. She is joined in Brunei by her family, Garnet, James and Prakriti. She is passionate about securing the best possible outcomes for children in her own school and those schools and colleagues she has the privilege to work with across the world.  In 2011, the project of building a wonderful new school become a reality and Hornbill School moved on to one site at Tuker Lines.  Mrs Wood was awarded Member of the British Empire for outstanding service to the Ministry of Defence and Education (MBE 2007) and became a National Leader in Education in 2014.  She is also an Ofsted Inspector and a NCTL Advanced Facilitator. In all five inspections of which Kathy has been Headteacher, her leadership has received outstanding judgments from HMI/Ofsted inspections.

Her past roles as an ITT trainer, National Graduate Programme Assessor for Teacher Training Agency, an Overseas Consultant for UNICEF,  professional development lead for serving professionals, and advising on education management for Governments across the world means she has experience of working in challenging and diverse areas of the education spectrum and has the unusual background of having worked across primary to higher education, from initial training, to post graduate and extensively teacher in-service, to school inspection. She has worked in England, Europe and the Far East.