Music and Drama Workshop

The Music and Drama Workshop is a long running and very popular element of Hornbill’s Extended Learning Opportunities programme. It provides its members with the opportunity to be a part of stage productions which captivate audiences with acting, singing and dancing talent. Children from Years 4 to 6 are able to be a part of the Music and Drama Workshop and many children at Hornbill School eagerly await their chance to be old enough to participate.

Recent productions have included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Jungle Book and Aladdin. This year we are working hard to create a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland. We are incredibly proud of the 62 children who are involved in this creative opportunity this year. As teachers, we are thrilled that so many children are keen to be involved in the production and we are really excited to enable such a large number to gain confidence and experience from both the process of developing the production and from the performances themselves. 

With the experience and dedication of a number of teachers, who have been heavily involved in drama and performance themselves, working with the Music and Drama Workshop children, this provides a wealth of talent and expertise as a great model for our learners. Enthusiasm, co-operation and creativity amongst the teachers involved blends as an inspiring mix for all to enjoy and be motivated by. Additionally, Hornbill School is blessed with production equipment which enables the quality of our performances to be outstanding. A sound booth, modern lighting and a stage which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of a production all combine to create an amazing array of added potential to complement the skills and talents of the children.