Reading Scheme

At Hornbill School we follow the Letters and Sounds programme for teaching phonics – this is a systematic approach to teaching synthetic phonics.  It begins in FS1 where we introduce the children to Phase 1 of the scheme.  In FS2 we use the Jolly Phonics actions and songs to familiarise the children with the different sounds.  Throughout FS2 and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught on a daily basis. We also use Action Words in FS2 and Year 1 to help the children to learn how to read tricky words.

We have a huge selection of books available to us for use in Guided Reading and individual reading sessions with your child.  We use a variety of different reading schemes to ensure that your child is exposed to a range of different text types, layouts and illustrations.  In addition every class has a well stocked reading area and they are able to change the books in this regularly.  We also have well stocked theme boxes which are provided for each class to support that terms learning and they include a range of both fiction and non-fiction books.

 Children in Years 1-6 visit the library once a week and have access to it at playtimes and after school to change their library book more regularly if they wish to.  In Foundation Stage the children visit the library on a weekly basis.