The Hornbill Gazette

At Hornbill School we aim to keep our parents as up-to-date as possible with events happening in and around the school.  We do this via a number of different means. 


Dojo - Our aim is to provide you with at least one photo and statement on Class Dojo for each year group every week. 


Radio Updates - we have a very good relationship with  BFBS Radio Station on both the Nepali and British Services. We provide regular updates and notes about events happening at school.


Update Letters - you will receive information in the form of a letter or note sent home with your child / children about events happening in their class. 


The Hornbill Gazette (formally know as the Parent Post) - we aim to provide you with a newsletter once every 3-4 weeks in term time. We will send this home to you via your children. The Gazette is also available for the school office or you can download it using the links below. 


If you require translation into Nepali for any newsletter please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will provide this service for you. 


Issue 4 - January 2018 (Latest Issue)

Issue 3 - December 2017

Issue 2 - November 2017

Issue 1 - October 2017