Year 1, 2 and 3 Internet Code of Conduct

Using computers

I will ask an adult before using a computer.

I will only use programs my teacher has asked me to use.

I will only look at my own work on the server.

I will ask before I print.


Using the Internet

I will ask an adult before using the Internet.

I will only visit websites that an adult has allowed me to view.

I will tell an adult If I see something on the computer that upsets me, this will help protect myself and other children.

I will tell an adult if a website asks me to enter personal information and I will not fill in the boxes.

I will only log on using my own information.


Using email and messaging

I will only use the email address that has been created by my teacher in school.

I will only send messages that are polite and friendly.

I will not give out any personal details.

I will only email people that I know or that my teacher has approved

I will tell an adult if I read an email that is rude, mean or unpleasant.