The following statement has been agreed by all schools as part of the Rest of the World Consortium to create a Collaboration Partnership.

The Executive Management  (SCE HQ) and Senior Leadership of the following schools:

  • Hornbill School, Brunei
  • SHAPE, Belgium
  • AFNorth, Netherlands
  • St. David’s School, Germany
  • Mount Pleasant School, Falklands
  • British Forces School Naples, Italy

Resolve to form a joint committee under the Collaboration Regulations 2003 to consider the development of collaborative activities between the schools and issues of common concern such as:

  • Mobility
  • Moderation
  • Staff training

The joint committee will consist of the Headteacher (or nominated member of the SLT) from each of the joining schools and a nominated member from the Executive Management (SEC HQ) who will meet at least once a term or no fewer than three times each academic year. The joint committee will be constituted and reviewed according to best practice, as laid down in the above regulations.