Student, Teacher and Parent Conferencing Record Book

conferencing bookAt Hornbill School we have introduced a system, which enables each child to meet with their teacher on a regular basis to discuss their learning.

Teacher & Pupil Conferences are for a minimum of 15 minutes and occur at least once in each term. In most cases children will have between 6 and 7 conferences with their teacher each academic year.

At the Teacher & Pupil Conference a range of discussions will take place. These will include discussions about:

  • targets for each of the core subjects;
  • next step learning i.e. what will your child do next to support their own learning journey;
  • subjects your child enjoys and which subjects they find harder. This will also include information on why some subjects are harder and what can be done to make them easier;
  • how your child is making the most of their learning journey at Hornbill i.e. what are they doing to make the most of all that is offered;
  • values, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Moral (V,SMSC) development.

Can I see my child’s book?

As a parent you will see the Student, Teacher & Parent Conferencing Book at each Parents' Meeting. If you would like to look at your child’s book at any other time in the year then please speak to your class teacher who will share it with you.

Is a new book started each year?

The intention is that these books are a record of your child’s developments and progress. They will be used to support transition at the end of each academic year and then passed onto the new class teacher. The book will stay with them as they move through Hornbill School, be that for 1 year or 6 years.

What will happen to the book when my child leaves Hornbill School?

The books are part of our assessment processes and will be passed to your child’s next school along with all other legal documents.

Can I write in my child’s book?

At parents meetings you will be given the opportunity to comment in your child’s book. You may choose to comment on the progress / attainment or attitude of your child’s learning as they progress through school.

Sample pages

There is a set of pages for each academic year with spaces for students, teachers and parents to make comments and record evidence of the child’s learning, progress, effort, attitude and achievements. 

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