Curriculum Statement


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Our innovative curriculum offers children an exciting and creative journey, ensuring learners are prepared with the knowledge and skills required for their future.  The Hornbill curriculum matches the requirements of the latest National Curriculum and is taught through stimulating themes which ensure the children’s learning is both meaningful and inspiring.   At the core of each theme are high quality books;  and teachers use these books to enthuse children’s love for reading and writing.  The children are exposed to a range of high quality texts which tap into their imaginations and open their eyes to new words, phrases and types of literature.

Each theme starts with an exciting event – the Launch Pad.  This event engages children in their theme from the start and inspires them to ask questions and find out more about their theme and the learning ahead of them.

At the end of each theme is an opportunity to celebrate learning – the Landing Pad.  This allows children to reflect on their learning journey and be proud of their achievements.  


The Hornbill Curriculum enhances children’s learning beyond the classroom.  Core values (The 12Cs!) underpin the ethos of the school.  Our school believes, children deserve to have the opportunity to be role models of our values, giving children opportunities to have a voice and be leaders through such roles as:

  • Playground Leaders
  • School Council
  • Eco Warriors
  • Junior Librarians
  • School Ambassadors
  • A wide range of sport clubs who play competitively

As a school, we are constantly seeking new and imaginative ways to challenge and inspire learners, ensuring they achieve both excellence and enjoyment from their time at Hornbill School.


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