The School Governance Committee

The School Governance Committee of the school meet regularly and are strongly representative of the parents and the immediate community. SGC members take an active interest in the school and enjoy meeting the children and their families through participating in a range of activities and assemblies each term. SGC, as well as staff, believe that your support for the school and your understanding of our work is vital to your child’s progress and happiness. By talking together, working together, and supporting each other we can achieve a secure foundation for your child’s education and that is our purpose in nurturing the next generation.


The current School Governance Committee is as follows:

Dr Huw Morgan-Davies Medical Officer, Medical Reception Station (MRS), BFB Chairperson, Safe Guarding and Finance
Maj John Langridge Deputy Chief of Staff, British Forces Brunei Vice Chairperson
Mrs Kathy Wood MBE, MEd Headteacher
Maj. Chandra Bahadur Pun Gurkha Major, 1RGR
Mr Craig Gill Deputy Headteacher
Mr Rajesh Thapa Deputy Headteacher
Maj. Bir Bahadur Gurung SO2 G1 Welfare/SSO
Maj Mukti Prasad Gurung SO2 Plans/OIC APM  
Mr Kenny Lawrie School Business Leader
WO2 Man Bahadur Gurung 1RGR Unit Welfare Officer
Mrs Liz Measom Inclusion Leader/AHT Teacher Representative
Capt Phil Wilkinson QHI 7Flt Parent Governor
WO2 Philip Stout Division Sergeant Major, TTB Parent Governor
Sgt Bikash Gurung Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor, MRS Parent Governor
Mrs Asa Ale Magar LSA Hornbill School LSA Representative