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All parents, children, staff, governors and visitors think very highly of Hornbill School. They are always proud to be a part of school and agree that, 'Once a Hornbiller, always a Hornbiller'! We are very proud to share some of our parents' views with all of you. Please, enjoy reading them!



My daughter is getting an excellent education package at Hornbill. She is really progressing well. I am very pleased to have such an organised and resourced school and staff.

Capt. Jiwan Pun Year 5 parent


My child is extremely happy at Hornbill. He is very well supported and given excellent guidance.

A parent


Everything is outstanding!  Denis is really enjoying and improving in every aspect of his learning.

A parent 


Really pleased with how well my child has come on this year. He is much more confident and committed to everything.

Sarah Stout, Year 6 parent


My son is very happy at Hornbill. The teaching staff are excellent.

A parent


My child is very happy at this school. We as parents are very glad for this!

Parent of Aaron Thapa


Everything is well organised and I am very pleased with my daughter 's progress.

Ganga Thapa, Year 5 parent


I feel myself very lucky to have my child in Hornbill school. All children get excellent supports from the school staff throughout the year. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the school. Thank you for your support.

Parents of Sandesh Gaha


I am more than happy and greatful to all the teachers who helped my son Nischal on every step of his schooling life at Hornbill. My son throughly enjoyed his time with all of you at Hornbill. Thank you so much.

Parent of Nischal Jimee


My daughter had a wonderful time and learned lots of things in this school. It couldn't have happened wihtout your excellent support and outstanding management. So, a big thank you to Hornbill School and all the staff.

Tirtha Bahadur Ninglekhu


Everything is excellent at Hornbill School and I am really proud of being able to send my child to this school. Thank you very much.

Mrs Kalpana Rai

I am so pleased that my child got a chance to be part of this prestigeous school that we are going to miss so much. We really appreciate all the staff for their hard work. They have been so kind , caring and so encouraging. We would like to wish all the very best and good wishes to Hornbill School and all the staff for a bright future. Thank you so much for everything. See you soon in the future.

Mrs Rekha Gurung


All I can say is 'Thank you' indeed to all of the staff of the Hornbill School. My child has improved massively and gained so much confidence. Thank you!

A Year 1 parent


Thank you very much for everything. Hornbill School is an excellent school. We will miss it very much.

Ishwar Chandra Rai


I think my child got excellent support and encouragement to improve his learning experience and we are very pleased that he has improved a lot. I am really very thankful to all the members of my child's class who put in their huge effort to help my child to achieve his targets.

Mrs Ruby Rai


Hornbill School has been a wonderful first school for my children. Alex was just 4 years old when we moved to Brunei 4 years ago and he started in FS2. He has been fortunate to have his first 4 years schooling at such an amazing place. All of his teachers have been wonderful and have had gained insight into Alex, how he learns, where his weaknesses lie and how to bring out the best in him. He has not always found everything at school easy, but he has made fantastic progress especially over the last two years. My daughter Lauren started here when she was 3 and is now more than ready to start school in England when we return there next month. She too has had amazing care and wonderful teachers to bring her on and help her learn and discover about herself. If we are ever back in Brunei, one of the highlights will definitely be returning to Hornbill School - please open a Year 7 class! Thank you to everyone for their hard work, dedication to the children and sense of fun. It has been a great 4 years!

Mrs Susan Murray


I am very happy and satisfied with my chIdren's progress and achievements at Hornbill school. Teachers are really committed and it always feels good to know that they work really hard with the children in everything they do. The relationship between parents and teachers is really strong which makes it much easier to support and guide our children at home as well. Most of all, the family learning programme is very useful and enables us to support our children at home like how they learn in school. Last but not the least, my children always look forward to going to school in the morning which makes me really happy to know that they love their school so much.I would like to say thanks to all the staff members and look forward to another exciting academic year.

Mrs Priya Pradhan


Personally, thank you to all the school staff for being so supportive and caring. We are really proud of you all for all your hard work and dedication towards our children. Both Anmol and Allwin will be missing this school so much. Hope to come back to Brunei and rejoin if we are lucky enough. Best of luck for all of you and keep up the good work. We really appreciate it.

Mr and Mrs Yakha


In my opinion, the school is one of the best I've been to. It prepares children, mentally and physically for the future. If I could recommend a a school for a child, Hornbill would be one of my top options.

A parent


We are greatly thankful to the school as my daughter really enjoyed going to school every day.

Arjun Rai