What our parents say about the Family Learning Programmes

"I liked today’s session. I learned many things and will stop giving fizzy drinks to my child from now on . Rather I will give him fruit and vegetable juice."

Muna Tamang, FS1 parent (FLP - Healthy Life-style Tuesday 15 March 2016)


"I am  very pleased to have this opportunity. I learned some of the simple things that I was not aware of. I will definitely apply it in my daily routine from now on."

Laxmi Ghale, FS1 parent (FLP - Healthy Life-style Tuesday 15 March 2016)


"Very useful and informative! Looking forward to attend more sessions in the future."

Kitabi Saru Magar, Year 3 parent (FLP - Mathematics Tuesday 8 March 2016)


"This session was very helpful for me. It will definitely help me to support my child at home. I would love to have some more information about what my children do in school on weekly basis so that I can help them at home."

Asha Gurung, Year 3 parent (FLP - Mathematics Tuesday 8 March 2016


"Very practical and informative. A focus on key skills - observation, questioning (encouraging children to question and how to use questioning). Fabulous handout with clear curriculum guidance for each year group, pictures, science websites and the science behind activities. A very wothwhile Family Learning Programme. Well done!"

Julie Bonner, Year 2 parent (FLP - Science Tuesday 2 February 2016)


"Very useful session! It will help me to ask questions to my child. Very encouraging to an inquisitive mind. Thank you."

Frances Kasami, Year 4 parent (FLP - Science Tuesday 2 February 2016)


"Specially information regarding Year 2 and Year 6 SATs test were really very helpful. Thank you."

Mrs Amrita Gurung, Year 3 parent (FLP - Assessment Tuesday 12 January 2016)


"Made me aware of the challenging time ahead for my daughter (and all children as whole) and the extra support that she would require at home now onwards."

Mrs Bina Gurung, Year 3 parent (FLP - Assessment Tuesday 12 January 2016) 


 "I am really very keen on finding different ways to learn maths and hopefully can join more programmes like this one in the future."

Mrs Selina Thapa, a parent (FLP - Maths, 27.10.2015)


"I found this FLP very useful and would like to attend programmes like this in the future."

Mrs Roshani Giri, Year 2 parent (FLP - Maths, 27.10.2015)


"This session was really very helpful. Would love to attend more in future too."
Sarita Pariyar, a parent (FLP - Maths, 27.10.2015)


"Today's FLP was extremely helpful. We as parents came to know the importance of bilingualism and most importantly the importance of speaking and learning our first language. We will definitely try to help our child with our first language at home."

Mrs Sanam Gurung, Year 1 parent (FLP - Bilingualism, 29.09.2015)


"This session was an eye opener. Very useful and would be grateful if we could get the resources."

Nabin and Junika Gurung, Year 2 and Year 5 parents (FLP - Bilinagualism, 29.09.2015)


"Learnt so many new and useful things about bilingualism. I will practse these at home with my children."

Mrs Shumita Pun, Year1/5 parent (FLP - Bilingualism, 29.09.2015)


"It was very informative, and also gave great ideas to use at home."

Sheetal Makawana, Year 3 parent (FLP - Bilingualism, 29.09.2015)