Hornbill Children 

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Hornbill School is a primary school with over 320 children from 3 – 11 years of age. The majority of our children are from Nepal (85%) and the rest are either from the United Kingdom (13%) or from other parts of the world, making Hornbill School a multinational and multicultural school. Most of our parents are serving members of the Brigade of Gurkhas and British Army as well as MOD civilian personnel. There are also a few fee-paying students who come from outside the garrison community.

The children are organised, where possible, into single age groups throughout the school with an excellent pupil-teacher ratio. The classes have been grouped into three learning phases: Foundation Stage 1, 2 and Year 1 make Learning Phase 1; Year 2, 3 and 4 make Learning Phase 2;  and Year 5 and 6 make Learning Phase 3.

Our children are very happy and are delighted to be at Hornbill. Many say that they are so proud to be 'Hornbillers' that they would stay here forever if they could! The children have embraced our values system and practise the values in their everyday lives.

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