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Samuel Gurung
i miss hornbill school so much all of my best memories were mad there such as residential trips, swimming galas, great sport oppurtunities and most of all temborung i really want to come . i am now in year 8 in simon langton grammar school and it is amazing but nothing can beat hornbill school.
9 February 2017 - Canterbury, Kent, England

Selina limbu
Hello I'm selina.i was in Hornbill school from fs1 t yr2.now I'm in yr6. I miss hornbill school.
29 September 2016 - Ashford uk

Ms Turton
Hi Kamana - I miss you too. I hope you're doing really well at your new school. :)
12 May 2016

I miss this school very much.
21 March 2016

Pranil Rai | @
I really miss this school. Now I am in Year 7 of a secondary school.
21 March 2016 - Doncaster England

Keneisha Jimee
I miss this school remembering all the activities and teachers. But I miss attending clubs with my friends. Now I attend Dover girls Grammar Miss the weather too! Thank you for the memories and friends I made during my 4 years stay :) Leaving at year 5 and now I'm year 8 and I still miss this place
7 January 2016 - Dover, England

Jea Langman | @
Hi Prakriti, I miss you and I miss the Hornbill School so much. Hope you are okay. I also miss Mrs Parker.
6 January 2016 - Gutersloh, Germany

Kamana Rai | @
Hi Ms Turton, I really do miss this place
25 December 2015 - Hersden England

Bishes Limbu | @
Yo, long time no see. I started in Year 4 and ended In Year 6. it's already been so long. I am currently in Year 10 starting my GCSE coursework and came to check the best primary school I ever came too. I hope all my past teachers are fine! It was a blast in Year 6 with Mr Ratcliffe and Mrs Dewan in class! I remember getting told off by Mr Pradhan in Year 5/4 and listening to one of his lectures! I also remember PE with Mrs Hunter and Year 5 with Mr Hunter! Can't forget Mr Scott in year 4 and in dodgeball! I hope all of you are doing well and I hope I get a reply.
23 November 2015 - Ashford,Kent United Kingdom

Kimona Limbu
Hi everyone! I miss everyone from Hornbill school. I am going to Wavell and soon will be applying for grammar school. Please, wish me good luck
22 November 2015 - United Kingdom,Aldershot

Rhea rai
Hello this is your old student Rhea Rai. I was in Year 2 and 3. I hope you still remember me. Probably Mr Thapa knows me very well. I miss all my teachers. I hope my message will find your guestbook.

With Love
Rhea Rai

As you know, my name Rhea is a greek name and there is only one Rhea which is me. I hope you will remember me! Thank you.
18 November 2015 - United Kingdom,Aldershot

Ronit | @
I went to this school
10 November 2015 - uk

Rusma Tumbapo | @
I miss hornbill school so much. I remember attending this school since year 1 to year 4. Thank you to all the teachers and people who made my school years at Hornbill the best! Thank you for all the teachers who helped me to improve so much! I now go to Highworth, thanks to all the teachers. Majority of the people who went to Hornbill has passed the kent test! I hope we made you proud and all you hard work did not become a waste. I will try coming and visiting Hornbill one day. I hope the people who attend this school will have a great time because I had an awesome time being there. THIS IS THE BEST SCHOOL I EVER ATTENDED!
27 September 2015 - England - Ashford

Binamra Gurung | @
Hello. It's me Binamra. I loved Hornbill school when I was in Y5. Now Im in Harvey grammar school with Anmol, Reken and Riwaj. Attending Hornbill School was a great moment but unfortunately I had to leave .I miss my old friends too. I have successfully passed both of my tests Good luck Everyone! We will someday meet again.
13 May 2015 - Folkestone hawkinge

Chiran Magar | @
Hi, everyone in Hornbill School!
I just wanted to say that I really miss this school. The best thing that I ever did was at this school. The best school that I ever been to was Hornbill School. I made my best friends at Hornbill and we are still in contact. Make the most of your time at Hornbill because there are so may things to learn and do. There are so many opportunities in this school and can do the things that u haven't done before.
I whish I could come back to Brunei and visit this amazing school but I just can't. But no matter what I will come and visit this school someday. When I left this school I couldn't believe my time at Brunei went so quick. I felt really upset when I left ( almost cried) I couldn't believe I was leaving my friends and this amazing place behind.
I hope all of you are feeling the same as I did at my time at Hornbill. I wish everyone good luck.
7 May 2015 - Duke Of York Royal Military School, Dover , Kent

Lily-Jessica & Jack mellor | @
Hi all, we would like to say thank you for teaching us through our early years, we miss everyone and our teachers! Hope everyone is doing well collecting badges. We have settled extremely well back into UK lifestyle.
24 April 2015 - Uk

Merika Rai | @
Hi everyone! I was in Hornbill school since year 1 till year 3 and I've got to be honest. I LOVED THAT SCHOOL!!! I had one of the best teachers in the world who are called Miss young, Mrs benett, Mrs Northey and most of all the funny old Mr Chrichton. I can remember every moment I shared with this school. Mr Chrichton would show us his daughters and drink in a weird way! I loved that school! I'm in year 6 now going up to a grammar school for year 7. The children who attend Hornbill school now please make the best of it!!!!
18 April 2015 - Dorset, England

Sony Limbu
Hi everyone! I miss you guys so much. Dear Kamana, I miss you so much I wish I could meet you. I live in Hawkinge its so cold .
5 March 2015 - United Kingdom HAWKINGE

Ms Turton | @
Kamana I hope you're doing really well at school - it was great to teach you and I'm so pleased you know all of your times tables still! Enjoy the snow!
3 February 2015 - Brunei

Kohinoor Magar (Koko)
Hi all, I really miss Hornbill school. i
It was the best primary ever and I love it. :3 If I could I would have stayed there forever. :D
16 December 2014 - School

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